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Abingdon Museum Blog

There are many ways to explore the museum collection and the history and heritage of Abingdon. This page is a space dedicated to museum stories as well as the town’s history, past events, and everything related to Abingdon.

Latest from the Blog

The Abingdon Pliosaur

Pliosaurs – the name meaning ‘more lizard’ – were the apex predator of the Jurassic Seas. Their sheer size and speed gave them the advantage over any other animal. They were among the largest marine reptiles, and until recently the largest confirmed size of an adult Liopleurodon, for example, was 6.5 metres. In the BBC…

Coronation Fun in Abingdon

The coronation of Charles III will be celebrated in style in Abingdon on May 7th 2023, with a day of “Coronation Fun in the Park” (face painting, giant bubbles, bouncy castles, refreshments etc), and of course with a Bun Throwing. The Bun Throwing is of course traditional for a coronation (and other events) in Abingdon,…

Railway Women

The history of the railways is often seen as dominated by men, and it is true that women started to drive the trains only recently: the first female train driver was Karen Harrison in 1978. But there is a lot more to running the railways than just driving the trains, and women have participated in…

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