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There are many ways to explore the museum collection and the history and heritage of Abingdon. This page is a space dedicated to museum stories as well as the town’s history, past events, and everything related to Abingdon.

Latest from the Blog

Lord Norreys of Rycote

The subject of this post, Sir Henry Norreys, Baron Norreys of Rycote, did not play much of a role in the history of Abingdon, although he did once hold the office of High Steward of Abingdon. He has multiple connections with the history of Berkshire and Oxfordhire, though, and is important as ancestor of theContinue reading “Lord Norreys of Rycote”

Around Abingdon: Radley

Radley Hall has been mentioned in a previous blogpost, as the residence of Sir George Bowyer. Radley is of interest in its own right, and its history is closely connected with that of Abingdon. Radley is an old settlement. The village goes back to Saxon times, and the name was recorded as Radelea or RadclegeContinue reading “Around Abingdon: Radley”

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