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There are many ways to explore the museum collection and the history and heritage of Abingdon. This page is a space dedicated to museum stories as well as the town’s history, past events, and everything related to Abingdon.

Latest from the Blog

Platteln for the Queen

As we all know, the Queen has two birthdays. One is the 21st April (today!), the day on which she was actually born. Happy birthday, Your Majesty! The other is not a fixed date, but usually the second Saturday in June, the day on which the official celebrations take place. In June 2006 Abingdon celebratedContinue reading “Platteln for the Queen”

Abingdon’s Queen Victoria

This article attempts to describe the gift of the Queen Victoria statue to Abingdon and some of the many events to which it has been witness. Could she speak, she would have many a tale to relate about her time here from 1887. Before Queen Victoria, there was an obelisk on the Market Place, withContinue reading “Abingdon’s Queen Victoria”

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