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The Ubiquitous J.T. Morland

When doing research for the Museum’s recent exhibition about Morland’s brewery and the Morland family, I got to know some members of the family better. One of the themes of the exhibition was how the Morland family was embedded in the life of the town, not just the business life, but the civic and socialContinue reading “The Ubiquitous J.T. Morland”

On the Throwing of Buns

Did you go to the Platinum Jubilee Bun Throwing? I recently mentioned the throwing of buns to some friends, and they were amused, puzzled and intrigued. Throwing actual buns? From the roof? Where did that strange idea come from? In this blogpost I will try to illuminate the origins of the Bun Throwing in Abingdon,Continue reading “On the Throwing of Buns”

Celebrating the Queen

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is in full swing by now. As I write this, flags have gone up on the lampposts here in Abingdon, souvenir mugs are on sale, and even the postbox in the Market Place is adorned with a crown. We are looking forward to the Jubilee Bun Throwing in June. So perhapsContinue reading “Celebrating the Queen”

Platteln for the Queen

As we all know, the Queen has two birthdays. One is the 21st April (today!), the day on which she was actually born. Happy birthday, Your Majesty! The other is not a fixed date, but usually the second Saturday in June, the day on which the official celebrations take place. In June 2006 Abingdon celebratedContinue reading “Platteln for the Queen”

Extreme Weather in Abingdon: Rain and Flood

People have lived in Abingdon and in settlements in the same spot before the town existed for millennia. One of the reasons why they chose that spot for living is the location by the river. A river is a handy source of water, and it can be a natural barrier but also a vital transportContinue reading “Extreme Weather in Abingdon: Rain and Flood”

Abingdon Fair Past and Present

After we missed out on it last year, we could enjoy the fair again this year, filling the Market Place and stretching all the way down Ock Street. Today the Runaway Fair is on, and this gives us the opportunity to look back on the fair(s) of Abingdon in history. One of our team membersContinue reading “Abingdon Fair Past and Present”