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Around Abingdon: Radley

Radley Hall has been mentioned in a previous blogpost, as the residence of Sir George Bowyer. Radley is of interest in its own right, and its history is closely connected with that of Abingdon. Radley is an old settlement. The village goes back to Saxon times, and the name was recorded as Radelea or RadclegeContinue reading “Around Abingdon: Radley”

Around Abingdon: Sunningwell

There are a number of places around Abingdon which have been connected with the town throughout history, often because the Abbey owned a number of manors in the area. One of these places is Sunningwell, which is just north of Abingdon. In this post, I take a closer look at Sunningwell and pick up aContinue reading “Around Abingdon: Sunningwell”