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More Museum Team in Lockdown Stories

 As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease, a partial return to our pre-Covid lives seems possible. But the pandemic is a long way from being over, and the experience is going to reverberate in our lives and our thoughts for some time. Museum Assistant Shirley Buckle summarises what it has been like these part fewContinue reading “More Museum Team in Lockdown Stories”

Museum Team in Lockdown Stories

“Ausnahmesituation” is one of those portmanteau words which the Germans find so handy. “Ausnahme” means exception, and the word describes exactly that: an exceptional situation, an unusual place we find ourselves in. Here two museum team members offer their impressions of the current Ausnahmesituation, and how they sometimes struggle with what has become our “newContinue reading “Museum Team in Lockdown Stories”

The Museum Team in Lockdown Part 2

Although the lockdown measures have just been eased a little, Abingdon Museum has to remain closed for the time being, with staff and volunteers having to cope with a life outside their usual routines. What helps many people in this stressful time is an enjoyment of nature, and this time of year, when everything isContinue reading “The Museum Team in Lockdown Part 2”

The Museum Team in Lockdown

Abingdon Museum has been closed for two months now, since the government ordered the closure of such public venues to contain the spread of Coronavirus. Staff and volunteers have stayed at home. To keep in touch with our audience, the museum has been active on social media, a new YouTube channel and of course thisContinue reading “The Museum Team in Lockdown”