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Coronation Fun in Abingdon

The coronation of Charles III will be celebrated in style in Abingdon on May 7th 2023, with a day of “Coronation Fun in the Park” (face painting, giant bubbles, bouncy castles, refreshments etc), and of course with a Bun Throwing. The Bun Throwing is of course traditional for a coronation (and other events) in Abingdon,Continue reading “Coronation Fun in Abingdon”

On the Throwing of Buns

Did you go to the Platinum Jubilee Bun Throwing? I recently mentioned the throwing of buns to some friends, and they were amused, puzzled and intrigued. Throwing actual buns? From the roof? Where did that strange idea come from? In this blogpost I will try to illuminate the origins of the Bun Throwing in Abingdon,Continue reading “On the Throwing of Buns”